We develop, design and manufacture Proalp footwear in our old hometown Tržič in Slovenia, Europe. We are very proud of our centuries-old shoemaking tradition! Our town has original knowledge about quality shoemaking and first-class materials for shoes. At Proalp this tradition is combined with knowledge and experiences about foot health. We make shoes that allow natural foot movement and protect them when necessary.

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Proalp barefootwear

Shaped according to the foot shape, flexible, flat and thin sole, soft grip on the feet, pleasant environment in shoes, enabled by natural and high-quality materials.


With powerful feet, we can be more dynamic and creative, and having powerful feet is only possible in footwear that supports natural foot movement.

At Proalp, we manufacture such footwear by intertwining our shoemaking tradition with modern knowledge. You are warmly invited to become part of our community!

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We will continue using local materials and domestic knowledge