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You can find our sizing chart here:

Naši čevlju so narejeni iz samih prvovrstnih materialov, ki tvorijo zares vzdržljiv čevelj z dolgo življenjsko dobo. Seveda je ta odvisna tudi od same uporabe in nege čevljev.

We recommend the customers measure their feet in advance. How to do that correctly can be read here: . Once you have your measurement, find where your length fits in and scroll across to find your size.

When determining the right size, consider the length and width of your feet, if the difference in length between the left and right feet is more than half size, we can make custom shoes for you. In this case, contact us at

To choose the right size, information about the circumference at ​​the hallux bone and around the instep is very useful, if you wish, please write these measurements down in the notes when ordering.

Once you have your foot measurement, find your size in the chart. In the scale, the recommended space of 12 mm in front of the toes is already taken into account for each size. This means that the inner length of the shoe is equal to the length indicated in the table plus 12 mm.

The shoe sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The sizes in our chart are valid only for our shoes. If you still have doubts about the right size for you, you can always add order notes (at the end of your order) with the measures of your feet, and we will be happy to assist you with choosing the correct size for you.

The width of our shoes is also written on the size chart, there are two different widths. However, we advise you to measure the circumference around the hallux bone and add it to your order. The Proalp shoes are made of high-quality materials, which adapt to the feet at the beginning of wearing them, and then maintain their width.

Yes! We currently offer all shoes in half sizes.

For each half size, a shoe will increase approximately by 3,5 mm in the length and 1 mm in the width.

Yes, we can! Just add your wish along with your measures on the order notice or send us an email at For different size shoes, an additional fee is charged.

We have permanent stores in Slovenia. You can find them in Ljubljana, Celje and Kranj.

Once your order ships, it can take up to 24 hours for that delivery tracking number to generate. You may also have entered your email address is wrong or it could be in your Spam folder. If you still aren’t seeing that tracking information within a few days of placing your order, please reach out to us at so we can help you track your order.

The main difference between male and female models is in their width. »Men« models are wider, however, they look very alike and we can make all shoes (no matter the color) in both widths.

You can place an order via e-shop You can also contact us in chats and e-mail

Yes, we can! We can make shoes with all kinds of customizations in different color combinations. Those kinds of shoes are made with an additional fee that is calculated on the customer’s wish.

Most of the time, this issue occurs because your order information is incomplete. Please make sure you double-check your information when submitting your order!

Products that are in stock are shipped the next business day. For products that are not in stock, for unique products and products that require customization, we extend the shipping time for up to 2 weeks after receiving the order.

We deliver worldwide. In case you do not see your country on our list, please contact us on

We notify you when your order is shipped, and provide you a tracking number.  

Once your order ships, it can take up to 24 hours for that delivery tracking number to generate. You may also have entered your email address is wrong or it could be in your Spam folder. If you still aren’t seeing that tracking information within a few days of placing your order, please reach out to us at so we can help you track your order.

When you place your order, you receive confirming email. You can cancel the order at before you receive an electronic notification that the shipment has been sent to the post company. Orders for products that are made according to individual measurements or color selection cannot be cancelled.

We ship ordered products to you via GLS Slovenia or Pošta Slovenia.

The final amount of the shipping costs is known before the purchase is completed.

Informative prices are:

Slovenia: 4 EUR

Austria, Germany, Croatia: 8 EUR

EU: 14 EUR

Rest of the world: 35 EUR

We accept payments with credit cards Mastercard, Visa, and Visa electron and transfers via Paypal. We also accept cash in advance in the form of bank transfers.

Da. Za plačilo lahko uporebite darilni bon, vendar to omenite v opombah pri oddaji naročila ali naročilo oddajte na elektronski naslov

Our system can only process one payment method unless you are using a Proalp gift token and some other form of payment like a credit card or PayPal to cover the difference in cost.

Yes, you just send us a notice at the end of the order.

We don’t hold discounts and Black Friday sales. All our products are handmade from sustainable materials which don’t change with seasons. Of course, we do have new models every year but the old ones can still be ordered, so we don’t have any products in stock to clean the storage.

If the product you ordered does not suit you, you can return or exchange unused and unworn products within 14 days.

If you ordered the wrong size or there is anything that troubles you, we can help you to choose the right item when you order again, just message us on 

Customized items or items specifically made to order it cannot be returned or refunded. If it does not suit you, please contact us. It is our interest that you enjoy wearing our footwear, so we will do our best to find solution.

To return your purchase place the products you wish to return in a originally box the items were sent to you.

Write the return note and enclose it in the shipment. The return note should have following information: first name. last name, home adress, order number, date of the order, bank account number on which payment return can be executed – and (optional) reason for the return.

Send the parcel to:


Lom 74

4290 Tržič

Slovenia, Europe

We recommend that you keep the postage receipt with the tracking number. 

Please note that you’ll, as a buyer, have to bear the direct cost of returning the product.

For the value of the returned item, you can choose another product of the same value. To get help for better choosing, you can contact us via All exchanges are proceeded individually.

When returning an item to exchange, see the returning procedure.

By taking proper care of shoes, we maintain their appearance, durability, and resistance to various weather conditions. Experiences show that Proalp footwear can be worn every day without it becoming moist from sweat. However, we recommend you periodically give your favorite shoes a “day off”; here are some other tips:

– When out of season, insert a crumpled absorbent paper (it can be newspaper) inside the shoe, which will retain its shape.

– Air-dry wet shoes, away from heating appliances that can dry out your shoes and therefore cause them to lose their water resistance.

– Wipe dirty shoes with a damp cloth, if needed, add a very small amount of gentle dishwashing liquid, and then air dry. Do not soak Proalp shoes in water, or wash them in a washing machine.

– You can apply colorless shoe cream on smooth shoes; a regular hand cream is also adequate; apply a little cream on a cloth and spread it over the surface of the shoe. Leave it on for a while, then wipe it off and smooth it with a cloth. When applying a new cream on the shoes, test it on a less noticeable part before you apply it on the entire surface.

– All variations of non-smooth shoes can be brushed with a special-purpose brush and impregnated with a colorless spray.

How often should I clean and care for my shoes?

Everyone has his own standards regarding that, we recommend you do this a few times in a season.