darilni bon Proalp

We walked into the Christmas holiday season. The season of giving gifts to express our gratefulness for being beside us. We want to gift them something beautiful, something from our hearts. And shoes can be a perfect gift for those who want to gift something valuable that will accompany your loved one for years and years. We understand that buying shoes for someone else might be a very difficult task as it’s needed for a person to measure and choose them themselves. That’s why you can gift your loved ones a gift token, with which they can choose their own perfect pair of shoes. You can choose gift tokens with any kind of value on them and your gift recipient can cash it in any Proalp store (including online) for any product we offer.  They can choose from our big selection of barefoot, mountaineering/hiking shoes, and sporty-elegant footwear. The gift token can be cashed also on custom-made shoes, so even the most difficult feet shapes and the most adequate color demands can be met. Gift your loved ones something that will remind them of you on their every step!