Kanin (semi-automatic crampons)


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The Kanin high-top shoes are suitable for recreational and professional hiking. They are reinforced in the ankle to prevent the occurrence of sprain even in the most extreme terrains. They are also significantly reinforced in their front parts, which prevents the legs from being injured upon touching sharp rocks. A considerable part of the Kanin shoes is coated in the Vibram rubber, which additionally protects the leg as well as prevents moisture and water from entering the shoes.

Despite reinforcements, we have designed the shoes so that they may be tightened well, thus providing a good grip of the leg, which is very important in more daring tours. We have also ensured a good grip with a block loop on the shoelaces, which is used to prevent shoelaces from sliding after the tightening of the front part, following which we also tighten the upper two loops.

The Kanin shoes are made from the highest-quality and mostly natural materials. The upper leather is waterproof and the lining is air mesh, while between the two, a waterproof membrane has been inserted; in this way, we have ensured that the Kanin shoes may also be worn in the snowy and rainy days. On the other hand, we have devoted a great deal of attention to maintaining the legs maximally dry despite perspiration.

The high-quality Vibram outsole belongs to a completely new generation of professional outsoles, which are a composite of two materials of different hardness. This provides the shoe with a better ground grip, which prevents excessive wear on the outsole. Namely, on the site of the highest force, the material moves away from the ground and adapts to the terrain. The outsole greatly neutralises strong vibrations while walking. The rubber is anti-slip and appropriate for rocky, wet, and snowy terrains, which is ensured by the new Vibram texture (New Winkler).

In the manufacture of all our boots, we devote a lot of attention to outsoles, and we are constantly in contact with the best Italian development companies, with which we have been cooperating for many years. The shoes are available in half-sizes, so that they fit well to each leg. The shoes No. 41 weight 1,360 g a pair.

On request, we provide the Kanin shoes with an outsole that enables semi-automatic crampons to be fitted.


Upper part: leather, elastic rubberised textile, vulcanised rubber;

Lining: textile air mesh, water-resistant membrane;

Outsole: expanded rubber, vulcanised rubber.

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