Barefoot shoes CONTACT C1
sizes 36 – 43



Our vision of developing and manufacturing flexible and spacious footwear from first-class materials leaded us to the new line of barefoot shoes: PROALP CONTACT SHOES. Like whole Proalp footwear all CONTACT models are breathable, durable and colourful.

The Proalp Contact model maximizes the contact between foot and the terrain, as it is possible with shoes. When wearing Contact shoes, we do not feel tiny sharp stones and our feet hug the surface at each step. Much like walking barefoot.

The main development and manufacturing issue of Proalp footwear is awareness that feet play very important role in our health. When we walk they are changing their shape, loads and ground contacts. Footwear should therefore not interfere with the natural movements of the feet.

The natural features of our feet are persistent and dynamic. Active feet have a flexibility and strength, which atrophy with the use of the incorrect footwear. Proper footwear gives the feet the full freedom of movement and allows contacts with the terrain we walk on. This maintains and improves structures of bones, joints and muscles.

Some of Contact’s features:

They are shaped in the shape of the feet. The forefoot part forms a shoe wide enough for us to step with the whole soles of the feet on the ground and all toes have enough space to spread and move. Particular attention is paid to the front inside curve of the shoes, which should provide ample space for the first toe, which is crucial for the gait.

Flexible soles allow maximum tilt angle and the foot arch can freely amortise loads during walk.

Contact shoes firmly grip to the feet.

Soft leather (optionally microfiber) is used for the upper part and the lining, 3-mm layer of pure wool felt (in winter models with a felt of 6 mm, including aluminium foil) is the best insulator from cold and heat.

The Contact shoes’ greatest feature is its 2,5 mm vulcanized rubber sole, made from the finest mixture. It is anti-slip and resistant against wear. It has a 15 mm high frame, which allows walking in wet terrains.

Upper part: leather
Lining: leather
Sole: rubber

By taking proper care of shoes, we maintain their nice appearance, durability and resistance to various weather conditions. Experiences show that Proalp footwear can be worn everyday without it becoming moist from sweat. However, we recommend you periodically give your favourite shoes a “day off”; here are some other tips:

- When out of season, insert a crumpled absorbent paper (it can be newspaper) inside the shoe, which will retain its shape.

- Air-dry wet shoes, away from heating appliances that can dry out your shoes and therefore cause them to loose their water resistance.

- Wipe dirty shoes with a damp cloth, if needed, add a very small amount of gentle dishwashing liquid and then air dry. Do not soak Proalp shoes in water, or wash them in a washing machine.

- You can apply colourless shoe cream on smooth shoes; a regular hand cream is also adequate; apply a little cream on a cloth and spread it over the surface of the shoe. Leave it on for a while, then wipe it off and smooth it with a cloth. When applying a new cream on the shoes, test it on a less noticeable part before you apply it on the entire surface.

- All variations of non-smooth shoes can be brushed with a special-purpose brush and impregnated with a colourless spray.

How often should you clean and care for you shoes? Everyone has his own standards regarding that, we recommend you do this a few times in a season.

Ordered products in store are shipped next business day. It takes 1 to 3 weeks when products are still in a manufactury.

Before placing the order customer can see shipping costs to his/her country.

Informative shipping costs are:

Slovenia: 4 EUR

Austria, Germany, Croatia: 8 EUR

EU: 14 EUR

Rest of the world: 35 EUR