Vegan shoes
Ballerinas PALMA Moja moja
sizes 36 – 41½
grey with stars



The Palma ballet flats are made of first-rate materials and are suitable for everyday life. Beautiful, innovative design gives these ballet flats unique charm and comfort. The shoe is stitched, and for a softer walk, we also insert latex foam under the insole. The rubber sole is in black color.

The microfibre material has been developed by experts, as the name implies, from microfibres that are to the maximum possible degree positioned as within the natural leather, except that microfibers are equally strong throughout the material. Quality ‘microfibre breaths just like leather and is, therefore, suitable for everyday wear. We must not forget that this material can be obtained in a very high-quality variant, which is highly air-permeable, or in a very airtight variant that does not breathe.

We, of course, rely on the best quality Italian manufacturer. We line these shoes with ‘microfibre’, which makes them completely free of animal skin and are therefore also suitable for those who place a high value on non-animal origin materials.

Upper part: microfibre
Lining: microfibre
Sole: rubber

By taking proper care of shoes, we maintain their nice appearance, durability and resistance to various weather conditions. Experiences show that Proalp footwear can be worn everyday without it becoming moist from sweat. However, we recommend you periodically give your favourite shoes a “day off”; here are some other tips:

- When out of season, insert a crumpled absorbent paper (it can be newspaper) inside the shoe, which will retain its shape.

- Air-dry wet shoes, away from heating appliances that can dry out your shoes and therefore cause them to loose their water resistance.

- Wipe dirty shoes with a damp cloth, if needed, add a very small amount of gentle dishwashing liquid and then air dry. Do not soak Proalp shoes in water, or wash them in a washing machine.

- You can apply colourless shoe cream on smooth shoes; a regular hand cream is also adequate; apply a little cream on a cloth and spread it over the surface of the shoe. Leave it on for a while, then wipe it off and smooth it with a cloth. When applying a new cream on the shoes, test it on a less noticeable part before you apply it on the entire surface.

- All variations of non-smooth shoes can be brushed with a special-purpose brush and impregnated with a colourless spray.

How often should you clean and care for you shoes? Everyone has his own standards regarding that, we recommend you do this a few times in a season.

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