Torino M

Torino M

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Torino M Torino M Torino M Torino M


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The ‘microfibra’ material has been developed by experts, as the name implies, from microfibers that are to the maximum possible degree positioned as within the natural leather, except that microfibers are equally strong throughout the material. Quality ‘mikrofibra’ breaths just like leather and is therefore suitable for everyday wear. We must not forget that this material can be obtained in a very high-quality variant, which is highly air-permeable, or in a very airtight variant that does not breathe.

We, of course, rely on the best quality Italian manufacturer. We line these shoes with ‘mikrofibra’, which makes them completely free of animal skin and are therefore also suitable for those who place a high value on non-animal origin materials.

The Torino shoes are a trendy model with a modern bright sole, they  guarantee a comfortable experience when wearing them.

We have designed the form so that it embraces the leg well and is spacious enough despite a narrower look. We combine the colours so that we meet the requirements of all – those who like bold modern colours, as well as the lovers of calm and elegant tones. We have also taken care of a better experience for wearers by using an insert of felt and permeable microfibres, which we perforate for better elimination of moisture from the shoe.

Due to the high frame on the outsole, the Torino shoes are also very suitable for wetter autumn days.

Upper part: microfibra, linen
Lining: microfibra
Sole: rubber

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